I have had PCOS since my early 20s so we always knew that the ttc journey could be tumultuous (it certainly has been). I also have mild thyroid issues (officially, I think it’s subclinical hypothyroidism — not quite hypothyroid but higher than ideal). Much of my life lately has been waiting for pink lines to appear…

The story so far:

  • Sep 2015 – Mar 2016 : several monitored cycles to check if I ovulate on my own (hint: I don’t)
  • Apr 2016 : medicated clomid cycle with OBGYN. Ovulated but BFN.
  • May – Nov 2016 : many months of transferring clinics and trying to bring down TSH levels
  • Jan 2017 : chemical pregnancy
  • Feb 2017 : IUI #1 (failed)
  • Mar 2017 : IUI #2 (ectopic)
  • May – Jul 2017 : Waiting it out. Taking birth control
  • Jul 2017 : HSG. Confirms that both tubes are blocked.