Ok it’s very very faint but.. that’s a second line! I’d been feeling super exhausted and shitty all last week. Plus tons of breast tenderness. So I was increasingly assuming that the transfer worked. I took a test last week (because I’m an idiot) which was solidly negative but I also knew it was too early. I took another last night because why not. The tests came in packs of two and I was going for a blood test today so no point in using it afterwards.

Today’s number confirmed the results — HCG is a solid 192. We’re now at the testing every two days to make sure doubling time is ok. Still exhausted but at least relieved.

In how life never stops, all this is happening in the background while also (a) A* starting a new daycare (b) in laws visiting (c) A* getting his covid shots (woo!!!!) (d) A* turned 4! It’s been a busy and exciting couple of weeks.

Given the timing with the transfer, we didn’t do much for his birthday other than a small celebration at home. Made a cake that he requested (box cake because I have no energy to do anything more complicated). But all the grandparents were there which was lovely. And there were tons of gifts from all the family, including a big boy bike 🙂

So things are working out, even outside of IVF which is nice. Loving the new place and the neighborhood. A* is a happy kid for the most part, really smart and just nice to listen to. Family’s are all healthy. The basics, all of which are important!

4 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Congratulations! Yay for a faint line that means something GOOD! 🙂 Happy birthday to A, and I hope things continue in a positive way!


  2. I logged in specifically to say I see that line! And hurray hurray, what great progress, to get to this step. I’m very delighted for you, for this, and for all the other busy but good things happening around it at the same time!

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