Checking in

How is everyone? I still can’t believe the surreal times we live in. We’re in a shelter-in-place state and we’ve been home for more than a month now. At least our governor seems to have their shit together and be doing the write things.

Also can I give a shout out to Risa for her article in Vox!

We’re lucky in a lot of ways — it’s been a bit of an adjustment to working from home but not too bad overall. My parents live with us so between everyone, we have enough coverage for childcare. We only had one desk in the house (obviously we never planned for an event like this) so one of our big purchases was another desk for me to work at.

Baby misses daycare and I think, misses other kids (he gets so excited when someone walks past the window). But he’s been largely ok. He runs around and generally seems to have enough to entertain himself (or at least let himself be entertained by us).

Hubby and I still have jobs. Hubby’s in academia so his is more stable. I’m nervous about mine but so far, no layoffs. Still, we had pay freezes, hiring freezes, promotion freezes, the works. It’s definitely a small thing in the face of what so many others are going through but I was rather pissed at the promotion freeze. I was up for promotion in April (it was part of my sign-on offer) and I’m already in a lower title than others with my background.

Things that have stayed the same / are working:

  • Honestly, I’m a homebody and I find working from home less stressful. There isn’t a morning rush and it’s a calmer day-to-day.
  • I also don’t mind less pressure to go out and do things. We usually would try to do something each weekend and feel bad when we couldn’t. No pressure now.
  • We’re all working as usual. It’s a re-orientation of how but the actual work is still the same.
  • I work in more data oriented work but I have been excited to be able to bring in bits and pieces of Covid work to my actual work. It’s small but at least it feels like I can contribute in some small way to everything that’s going on.

Things that have changed:

  • People at home. So it’s Hubby and myself. Little A*. My parents. And my mom freaked out a few weeks ago that my brother was alone (note that he’s a 31 yr old grown man) and kept panicking so he came over too. That’s 5 adults and 1 toddler in a 3br. With 3 of the adults working full time at home. There’s space but barely.
  • Groceries. Oh god, our routine is insane now. We try and do delivery as much as possibly (and yes, I feel bad for using others’ labor at a time like this but I do tip heavily and I don’t want to risk exposure to the many people living at home). Also, just sourcing groceries is so much effort.For this many people, we go through a lot of food — basically 3 gallons of milk a week and 1 tub of yogurt a day. So yes, we’re the crazy people who buy a ton but we need it for just regular functioning.
  • Disinfecting everything. If Hubby goes in person, he wears gloves, comes home and showers. When anything is delivered, we spray the bags with Lysol and then wash everything with soap. Milk cartons, yogurt cartons, bags of frozen veggies, everything. Things that aren’t perishable are quarantined for a few days in the foyer.
  • Washing hands like crazy. We are definitely careful. We wash hands after going out for a walk. After touching the outside doors. After getting mail. Basically anything.
  • I miss meeting friends. We video chat a lot more but I do miss the actual interaction.
  • We don’t eat out at all. Honestly that’s probably a good thing. We ordered in once in the last month.
  • We were going to meet the RE this spring to start thinking about baby #2. That is indefinitely pushed off now. Let’s see how the next few months go.

We haven’t done face masks. Largely because we haven’t left the house since that became the norm. But for the most part, I’ve made peace with this new norm. I do wish I was one of those people who picked up a new hobby or baked bread each day but.. that’s not me. My weekdays are up, spend time with baby till 11. Then my workday starts. Work till 6. Dinner/bedtime. Work again after baby goes to sleep. Weekends are mostly just play with baby, groceries and cooking.

Take care everyone! Stay safe!

4 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. I think we’ve all been better though all my kids (3 kids omg…) keep telling me how much fun they’re having with our extremely loose homeschool routine (walk, math, one thing from school, Grumpy Cat journal page, mixed in with baking, nature walks, and a LOT of playing in the yard/making fancy jello/ art time). The spouse is still working; I’m getting paid but all my classes got canceled? I feel whiny for hating this so much when we still have money, our beautiful rural county full of parks, and a large house with enormous yard, but also this is…. not super great.


  2. So good to hear from you, and glad you are safe! we also have a fuller house than normal and an irritating grocery routine, but are otherwise in stable jobs and managing with childcare. Much less of a storm than others are weathering.


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