A* at 18 months

I’m a little late – he’ll actually turn 19 months this week 🙂

Mostly I can’t believe that I’m a mother to a toddler. He’s growing like a weed! He’s walks and runs now all over the place. He tried to climb everything. He loved blocks and those magnetic building tiles. He also loves his quiet time with books.

He went through a long period of daddy being his favorite but over the last week, I am. If I’m not around, he’s ok but if I’m in the vicinity, I need to be playing with him or else. He’s definitely hit tantrum age which is.. interesting. We haven’t quite figured out how to handle it — it’s usually at things like the blocks fell down or something which isn’t really in our control.

The one milestone I worry about is speech. He says a few words and understands a ton but for an 18mo he’s behind in talking. So far, we’re keeping an eye on it but we might get a speech therapist depending on how the next month or so goes.

This winter has been intense. After starting daycare in the fall, it’s been one bug after another. Baby’s been through 3 ear infections, strep, pink eye, croup, stomach flu, and a handful of generic bugs. I’ve been through 2 rounds of strep, pink eye, bronchitis which triggered an asthma attack while I had the stomach flu. I can’t wait for winter to be over, just so we’re all a bit healthier.

Other than the bugs, things have been chugging along. Mostly I’m .. content. It feels almost strange after so many years of struggling to his another phase in life. But I’m content with my job (at least for now). I’m so content and at peace with my family. I’m tired and drained (even with my parents around to help!) but all the stress is physical and not in my heart.

I feel like a lot of other parents at this stage start trying for kid #2 but we’re not there yet. I’m still not physically up for either the IVF or pregnancy again. We’ve gotten as far as we’re ready to start thinking of another child but that’s it. Maybe after hubby’s tenure (which is only a year away at this point).

The one thing that I do stress about these days is money. As much as we earn decent incomes, we also have a lot of expenses. We live in a not-super cheap city, optimized for commutes rather than rent. And my parents live with us so it’s essentially a 4 adult + 1 kid household. Daycare is ridiculous — we’re in one of the cheaper ones in the neighborhood and it’s still $2k/month! We’re going to have to start thinking about school districts and moving to a good one by the time A* hits kindergarten.

Still, these are every day stresses and never fun but we’ll figure it out and find what works for us.

2 thoughts on “A* at 18 months

  1. So happy you get to experience such joy ❤️. Our daughter was speech delayed and now at 2 1/2 is SO articulate and way above her age. Someone told me once that babies brains develop like puzzles and the pieces are put together differently by everyone. Just food for thought. Also, how fun are tantrums?? Haha. My little one cried that her macaroni was the wrong shape last night. Still she is perfect in every way. My best approach that seems most affective is to respond as minimal as possible. Even ignore when can. That has been the beat approach for both. Anyway- enjoy beautiful Mama!


    1. That makes a lot of sense. I think speech as a whole has only sorta ‘clicked’ for him and he has a tendency to sign instead of using words.
      Lol – given the lack of words, it’s hard to always tell what the tantrums for so we’re guessing most of the time 🙂

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