Quick updates

I’ve been so bad about blogging these days, mostly because my mornings are crazy. I used to have a breakfast and blogging routine but these days, mornings are get ready, get baby ready, and everyone go!

Baby A* is growing up so fast! He’s adorable and lovable and becoming his own little person. He started walking a few weeks ago and now has graduated to running (typically when he got a hold of someone’s phone and doesn’t want to give it back). He’s also such a joker — he likes making ‘jokes’ doing things like giving me his pacifier and laughing or holding something the wrong way with his eyes twinkling. He loves building things with these magnetic building blocks. And ‘reading’ though he never lets us finish a book with him. And wheels on the bus. Oh god, I’ve been dreaming of baby shark do-do-do.

He started daycare a month ago which is… ugh, idk, not amazing. He’s not been eating/sleeping well there and in 5 weeks, he’s gotten sick 3 times already. It happens but it’s still hard to deal with.

I’ve been struggling a bit at work to balance my identity as a mom with that as a damn good researcher. Lots of feelings about this one especially since I’ve had to take so much time off to handle all the sick times.


I was recently reminded of this community as I was talking to a friend starting her own IF journey. So much thanks and love and hugs to all of you for your support and kindness and thoughts over the years.

Now that baby’s a toddler, I’ve been wondering about another child. I don’t know if we’re done family building yet. At least for now, with baby being 16 months, neither Hubby nor I feel ready to start thinking about a second child. Maybe next year but for now, we’re just trying to survive with all the craziness in our lives. The funny thing is just how much at peace I am with life. Sure there are ups and downs but I’m largely content with life. It’s almost surreal reading posts from a couple of years ago and remembering where I was emotionally. Was it only 2 years ago? It feels both like yesterday and a lifetime ago.

2 thoughts on “Quick updates

  1. Love the update! What a trickster, your baby. Adorable! I hear daycare is tricky for the germs. I hope he settles into the routine and builds up a good immune system. The balance of work and parenting had got to be so hard. I wish you so much happiness and continued peace!


  2. Hey, sorry to hear the daycare transition hasn’t been going so well. My daughter would only take naps in a buggy for the first few months there (but hey, whatever worked!) but now she takes her naps on a floor mattress like the other kids. It’s really tricky balancing work and parenting. I struggle with this too. Whenever my daughter gets sick my husband and I find it stressful trying to decide who should stay home with her. It’s hard when you don’t have much support nearby. I also feel guilty about working sometimes and wonder about whether I should cut back my hours.


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