1 year old!

Baby A* turned 1 a few weeks ago!

It’s pretty amazing to think that a year ago, he was this crinkled scrawny baby and now he’s crawling around and getting into all sorts of mischief. Favorite things to do include removing all the ziplocs or tissues from the box and (very rarely) putting them back. Or putting stuff from one shelf into another. Or ‘reading’ books i.e. turning pages with the books typically upside down. Or playing with anyone’s phone/laptop/remotes. We’re trying to be better about using such things around him but well, we’re human. He still chews on everything but less than before. It’s exhausting and exhilarating at the same time.

We’re now weaning him off formula which is .. rather terrifying actually. There was some comfort in knowing that whether he ate or not, he’d get nutrition. But he’s actually pretty good about food. His current favorite is blueberries but he loves anything with a strong flavor. Like marinated feta. Or anything spicy. Oddly after all my initial ambivalence about breastfeeding, I find myself reluctant to let go of our nighttime nursing ritual.

We’re now hunting for daycares and trying not to panic at the wait times. Or the cost.

Things have been so busy with apartment hunting, moving and new job that I’ve flaked on just about everything else. And.. running late for work now so more later.


4 thoughts on “1 year old!

  1. Aw happy one year birthday, A! I’ve been finding this age really fun! They turn into such little people, very cute. I still nurse to sleep and I love it too. It’s such a nice way to snuggle and connect after the day especially since my daughter has been going to daycare since 13 months.


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