Life Updates

I’ve been MIA from.. everything for a while. Blog. Friends. Mostly I’ve been in heads down, crunch mode. Tons of studying and trying to remember stuff that I haven’t used since undergrad.

But it paid off — I signed an offer for a new job last week! It’s going to be a change from academia but in some ways I’m looking forward to it (hellooooo not working on weekends!). In other ways, I actually feel really guilty for leaving. Research is actually going well, I have tons of ideas, and I have great mentors. But also.. there’s only so long that I can attempt this track. For the most part, it’s a huge weight off me to now move onto other things — apartment hunting. day care hunting. summer plans.

Baby A* is growing like a weed. We got told that he was rather.. heftier than he needs to be (I’m not sure how I feel about the whole measuring BMI at his age). But it did give us the push to night wean him (which we had been wanting to do for ages but apparently my husband only actually gets on board after the doctor telling us to). So now he sleeps straight through the night. Umm, sorta. We give water when he wakes up sometimes. And he’s up bright and early trying to crawl all over us. Overall, I am not a fan of cosleeping.

He’s also (finally) started crawling by doing this weird army-crawl thing. But he’s been walking (with our help) for ages so I’m not sure that it matters. He’s also starting to pull himself up which is.. mostly terrifying.

These days, I go through the house to catalogue what we’re keeping. Mostly.. not much. Too much likelihood of things falling on top of him. God knows he likes pulling everything these days.

Funnily enough, while apartment hunting, one of the places we saw was in the same building as our fertility clinic. I just couldn’t… Too many memories and too much frustration. But also, time heals. I don’t feel the same angst that I used to there. Things did work out and I have a beautiful boy.

6 thoughts on “Life Updates

  1. Congrats on the new job! And eeeesh, as resolved as any of us may be, I can’t imagine ever living in the same building as a fertility clinic. I’m not woo-woo, but I would think that would be some heavy energy, regardless of my own PTSD. So glad Baby A is growing and doing so well… BMI for a baby? Whaaaa? Good luck with the move and the childproofing!


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