The Anatomy of an IVF Cycle


Of course, I had to plot out this last cycle. Any takeaways? Not as much as the ectopic when there was so much that was unpredictable. This one seemed like a pretty average stimulation cycle.

  • It’s long. But then half that time was on birth control, resetting the body, so to speak. Once we actually started stimming, it went pretty fast. You see that where all the action is crammed in the middle.
  • A  close-up of the stims part of the cycle gives a better sense of how that timeline worked out. IVF_1_stims_sept2017
  • From what I’ve read, it doesn’t seem like IVF cycles are very different between individuals. Meds and doses vary but the time frames are roughly the same. I wish I had this diagram before doing the whole process. It would have helped me wrap my mind around what was going on much more.
  • There’s also a lot going on – the clinic is measuring follicles, measuring estrogen (probably others too but that’s all they told me). You’re on multiple medications, sometimes at once so it can be complex to keep all the moving pieces in one place mentally.
  • Honestly, when I think back about the cycle, really I just feel like it wasn’t that bad. It certainly wasn’t fun but it was perfectly manageable. Mostly I remember my poor little embryo that didn’t make it.

4 thoughts on “The Anatomy of an IVF Cycle

  1. Thinking of you, and the pain in that last sentence. Good for you, making a diagram and working to understand the ins and outs of the cycle…I always felt more empowered when I knew more, when I had all the information (or rather as much as was available), and could analyze it for myself. I hope the information brings you peace and empowerment!


  2. Hugs, for your last sentence.

    Good for you on plotting it. Anything that gives us a sense of understanding and control is good in this process. And I agree that once we get into the cycle, it does seem a little as if we’re on a production line. Though I usually got thrown off the production line about half-way along.


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