Meds are here!

meds You know how you’re kinda excited each time you get a package in the mail? That’s kinda how I felt about my meds delivery. Well, also paranoid that we would miss it/the ice would wear off/the delivery guy would break something. But mostly weirdly excited. I think its just that all my wishing that I wasn’t on this path doesn’t change the fact that this is my path. Given that, I might as well get moving and start the journey.

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to familiarize myself with the process, watch the injection videos, and generally get myself into a decent state of mind.

The injections themselves don’t scare me (well, not the subcutaneous ones at least). The side effects worry me a bit. Overstimulation – well, that’s the doctor’s responsibility to control for that so I’m not thinking about it. Nausea, tiredness, whatnot — all par for course with any meds. But bloating, constipation — not what I would have thought of (thank you ladies of the blogosphere for giving me a heads up). It’s not that I’m scared of those; just that I’m not sure how to handle them. Does heat help? Mint tea? Walking more? Walking less? Eating.. fiber? Any tips?

The thought of egg retrieval freaks me out. There are too many variables for my type A brain to be comfortable with — the lack of control, the long needles in rather sensitive parts, the logistics. Mostly I’ve been trying to talk myself into a frame of mind where I let go — the doctor/clinic is good; they’ve done this tons of times; and IVF isn’t that rare a procedure.

After that — actually I’m not too worried about things after that. The growing embryo(s)  have nothing for me to do other than cheer them on. The transfer itself seems easy. And then it’s PIO shots for a while but I figure I’ll be used to shots by then. And progesterone kinda sucks but I’ve dealt with it before.

When it comes down to it, its really only like 2 shitty weeks and then 2 waiting weeks and .. done.

Oddly enough, I find that I’m not that worried about outcomes. At this point, I can’t change anything I’m doing to affect that so… it’s on someone else. The doctor? The clinic? My body? Luck? God, maybe. But not really on me and that gives me some comfort.

Also w00t! it was all covered by insurance. I was kinda terrified we’d owe thousands but in the end, it was around $500. Admittedly they did some brand/generic substitution to get there but whatever. So yay for that! (That bit of news was probably the thing that made me happiest in a while).


13 thoughts on “Meds are here!

      1. Well, my TSH has been monitored for the last year. And I suppose if the baseline wasn’t good then there would have been an issue but I didn’t really think of that. Actually the nurses were the ones who just put the order in early so there was time to familiarize myself with the meds and there wasn’t a rush once I had the baseline done.

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  1. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck. Egg retrieval is a very easy procedure and Dr usually will give you some pain killer after wards. To me the most nerve racking part is waiting for embryologist’ call. Compared to that, everything else will be a piece of cake. You will be fine!!!


  2. Best of luck with IVF. I think just focusing on each individual hurdle is the best! And I’m sure there are lots of people (online anyway) who can answer specific questions (although not me). New beginnings are always exciting, and at least with a protocol you can picture what the future might bring.


  3. Wow that’s lucky about your insurance covering so much! My insurance covered 50% of the basics (for three rounds), which was about 1,500€ plus any extras (freezing/embryo glue/assisted hatching etc, certain tests) we had to cover ourselves. So anyway the first two weeks are hard physically. Although I’ve had IVFs where I barely felt any different, just a bit more bloated and tired, and other IVFs where I felt really crappy (like on your period feeling) for two weeks. Just try not to plan much during that time as it’s nice to just relax at home (it’s a good excuse to netflix binge your fave series). I personally don’t like the egg retrieval procedure but it’s not so bad. They know what you are doing. Take that day off work, possibly the day after to recover. And then the next stage is the hard emotionally stage! Wondering how many eggs fertilize, waiting to see how many embryos survive till transfer day! And then the long two week wait. Believe me, it’ll feel long! But the whole thing gives you your best odds at having a baby and if it works it’s amazing. Good luck!!


  4. Don’t use heat (other than a standard blanket) It’s not good for your egg quality! My sister did the egg growing part for my IVF. She found long lengths of time in any one position diffficult and would sit or lie down for a bit then go for a short walk etc. If you don’t have yoga style pants (with an inches wide tummy elastic panel in the front) I highly recommend them. Anything with a string will feel tight even if it’s super loose. (Also for after the embryo transfer) Weight gain will definitely happen so make sure you have comfortable stuff to wear. Good luck!


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