is negative. Or positive depending on how it’s counted. Both tubes are blocked (the non-ectopic one worse than the ectopic one).

Somehow I didn’t really think that there was an issue with the tubes. Saline ultrasound was fine. It’s not I’ve ever had something that was a risk factor. The worst part of the test was actually the speculum. Everything after was fine. Cramping’s not bad either.

Today is my mourning day. Yet another way that my body has failed me. And I’m pretty sure this means that I can never have children without intervention (I was hopeful that after kid #1, PCOS issues would resolve itself). At this point, my ovaries don’t work. Nor do my tubes. What guarantee do I have that my uterus would work? The ovaries are fixable with meds. The tubes can be bypassed with IVF. But the uterus .. as far as I know it needs to function properly.

So where am I now? Well, at least this shitty news simplifies decision making. IVF is the only way forward. We have a meeting with the RE next week where we’ll work out the how’s and when’s. And.. I’ll brace myself for the next couple of months.



12 thoughts on “HSG

  1. I am really sorry. It feels so unfair to have multiple things heaping up in the diagnoses pile. You’re already far along in your journey, and it is hard to learn that those weird miracle stories won’t happen for you. It is hard to lose hope, even when it was a ‘what-if, then maybe’ kind of hope.
    As others have said, it simplifies things. But it seriously sucks to learn this after already going through the ectopic and some treatments. Good luck with your RE conversation next week!


  2. Oh wow, that is big news to have to absorb.

    I don’t know what your insurance situation is like, but in my province until very recently blocked tubes was the only way to have IVF covered under the provincial health plan. So that diagnosis, although not one anyone wants to get, would make the financial side of IVF much easier. It’s much more cut and dried.

    There is, as a previous commenter noted, a silver lining in that you will not waste time trying other things only to end up at IVF and then wonder why you took so long to get there. But it’s still not easy.


  3. I’m really sorry. It takes time to process life-changing news like this. It’s hard to have it confirmed that our bodies just can’t always do what we want or expect.


    1. In a weird way, it shouldn’t really be life-changing. After all, there were already issues and the solution to this is the same as the solution to the other ones. But somehow it feels worse. This is yet another way my body’s f-ed up.


  4. I’m so sorry. When you wrote about your eptopic a day or two ago I was wondering about your tubes. Good news – there are natural ways to unblock tubes. The supplement serrapeptase is one of them. Dubliner in 🇩🇪 had a blocked tube. I think she took serrapeptase. Whatever you do don’t let them take out the tubes. Other interventions include dairy free, because diary is mucous forming and I understand mucous lines the tubes of blocked tubes. Be encouraged.


  5. I’m sorry it wasn’t the news you were hoping for.

    Both my tubes are blocked too. In a lot of ways it made it easier. There were no options except IVF, which meant even though we hadn’t even hit the 1 year mark of ttc, insurance approved a straight jump to IVF. And when we were ready for another child, we went right to IVF with almost no testing involved. No having timed sex, no IUIs, just jumping right to the best chance with the most control.

    There are silver linings here. Concrete problems can be a lot easier to cope with than never finding out “why”.


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