Pill pack #2

1 month of BCP down, 1 month to go. I was super weirded out by how light my period was on the pill. I think for years, I’ve used my period as a gauge of health status (PCOS flaring up? Nope. Good). So now to not have it work in the same way is strange. Also, I have to say, it didn’t really cut down on cramps. Honestly it felt like it reduced in intensity but was over the course of several days as my uterus worked to squeeze out what little lining there was.

One positive side effect of taking BCPs is that I’m less tied to my cycle. So the doctor’s office couldn’t get an appointment for the HSG on the correct days of the cycle (Sigh, don’t get me started on that. I asked the nurse whether I should schedule earlier since I knew when my period would start and she was all ‘no, contact us when you get your period’. And surprised, the center is booked). Anyways, as a result of being on the BCP, I can actually take it anytime. So missing the crucial week for testing means that things are delayed by that week, not by an entire cycle. So it looks like once I get the HSG results, I can just start treatments by ditching the pills, waiting for the period and then starting whatever (rather than waiting for an entire cycle).

I’ve been feeling really tired lately. I don’t know if that’s a side effect of the pills. Certainly whenever I take Provera, I end up conking out at 8pm. And BCP is basically progesterone  estrogen, right? Same thing is happening these days.

Of course, it also could be that the last couple of weeks have been crazy. We’re apartment hunting which always sucks. Oh and did I mention that our car got rear-ended? Many hours of arguing with the other drivers insurance company resulted in us getting a (lowball) check for the worth of our car. So now, after dealing with insurance, we’re trying to figure out what car to buy/how much/where/etc. Definitely not an expense we had planned on this year.


9 thoughts on “Pill pack #2

  1. Yes, echoing others. BCPs could cause tiredness. I was always really tired on progesterone. And those monitoring appointments are always so stressful, but I’m glad you aren’t getting delayed more than a week!


  2. Ugh, that stinks about the car. New car buying isn’t as much as people think! It’s stressful! Especially when you’re trying to start a family. Do I get the minivan or a sedan? Good luck!


    1. Haha yeah. It’s so weird to be making all these decisions for eventual baby (and then praying that said baby does eventually show up). In the end, I think we’re going for a sedan as much as I kinda just want a behemoth car. 🙂


  3. Sorry to hear about the car accident and apartment hunting stress. That’s no fun. At least your HSG scheduling is more straightforward. I didn’t like how my body reacted to the pill either. Like you my period was light and I didn’t get my usual physical symptoms that helped me understand my cycle (weird as it often is). Oh well it’s all a means to an end and hopefully over soon.


  4. We’re also looking for a car! Sorry to hear your car got totaled, that sucks. I’m finding it overwhelming looking at all the options. I’ve already decided I don’t need fancy or new – just need something to get from point A to point B. Do you have something you want in mind?


    1. Basically the same – a car that runs. We’re leaning towards hybrid but even within that theres sooo many options. It’s so funny – we were at a dealership yesterday and the salesguy was all ‘oh, so what features do you want? what color?’ and I was soo tempted to say “umm, something that works.” Probably better that I didn’t – as it was, he was talking mostly to hubby and ignoring me.


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