I hate my FSA

(Apologies for yet another rant. Actually no. That’s why I created this blog. To rant!)

Health insurance as a system doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me.

All of this morning was spent in dealing with my FSA provider. So we got yet another request for an EOB for the money we spent from there. I get the point of requesting such info – after all the FSA money can be used in, say, CVS to buy anything. How do you prove that it was used for qualified medical expenses? Or that it wasn’t used for, idk, teeth whitening at a dentist? But, please, do share, what can i possibly spend money on at a fertility clinic that’s not a qualified expense? No, please do share. On top of the annoyance of gathering all the documents and sending it to them, they give dates by date of payment while the insurance documents are by date of service. And these are from the ectopic when I was going in several times a week. How on earth do I correlate those together? I refuse to spend time trying to solve the knapsack problem for

Oh and let’s not get started by the communication methods. Why do all these places insist on faxing? Who even owns a fax machine anymore? Or if they have online portals, they’re some of the worst programmed websites I’ve seen. Do they intentionally hire cheap and not-good companies to code this stuff? And why are there so many ID numbers — I have my insurance number. Then my FSA number (which for some reason isn’t connected to the insurance one). Then employer id (which is somehow connected to the FSA but I haven’t figured out how). The FSA debit card number (which isn’t the ID). My social security number (which is sometimes an ID). Oh and did I mention that all this is through my husband’s employer so to get anything done, the master of the house has to give permission. (Not to imply anything about him – he’s super sweet. Just that this system has weird assumptions).

Anyways, I ranted at them. Not that it accomplishes anything other than getting my BP up. I felt kinda bad for the call center girl and ended up apologizing at the end of it. This whole system is ridiculous to me – when there’s a clinic involved, why not contact them? Or my insurance company? Why put all the onus on the patient (who has a gazillion other things on their mind)? Apparently HIPAA. But.. if that’s the case, knowing the clinic name + patient name should already be a HIPAA issue, no? Because no one goes to a fertility clinic for anything but.. fertility. Surprise!

I ended up just sending a dump of ALL my EOBs from that time period. May they have all the luck sorting it out.


7 thoughts on “I hate my FSA

  1. Health insurance in this country is perverse because the entire goal of the private insurance system is to NOT do what it’s supposed to do. The purpose of health insurance is allegedly to cover costs and keep individuals from incurring huge bills/debt due to illness, etc, yet denying coverage for procedures and medications, using tricky or deceptive wording in policies and adding out of pocket costs like “coinsurance” (on top of your copay), is the way the insurance companies “win” against all of us. Paying customers, once we actually need to use the services we’ve been paying for, become their adversaries (I know this is the basis for how *all* insurance works, but I think there are many more problems right now in health insurance than say car or homeowner’s). It’s so frustrating. You’re clearly on top of things and capable of self-advocating, but so many people aren’t and they just get screwed. Good luck continuing to navigate the system!


      1. Haha. Ofc it is. Another term that confused the hell out of me for ages — deductible. The term sounds like exactly the opposite of what it is. For the longest time I thought it was the money that’s deducted from expenses (ie money that I don’t have to pay)! Looking back, I wish I had a course in all this at some point in my life.


  2. No, none of it makes any sense. Ask to speak to a manager at the FSA, and see if there’s a way to streamline it. I haven’t had much experience – but if you need to know how to navigate an insurance company, I’m your gal.

    Good luck!


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