Thank you Obamacare?

In one of life’s little ironies, I now have to start birth control. So weird. In order to get pregnant, I have to prevent myself from getting pregnant.

And I’m a total n00b (did I use that correctly?) – *quietly admits* I’ve never actually taken birth control before. I’ve never even seen a birth control pill pack (umm, no sisters, no idea what mom did, roommates/friends apparently never took it or were super discreet or had an IUD). Culturally, this seems so .. not-normal. So there I am with a gazillion questions about side effects and how to take it and the pharmacist looks at me as if I’m crazy. Is it really that weird? Waiting till marriage (or at least a long term relationship) isn’t that unusual, is it? Or choosing alternate forms of BC? Or just letting chips fall as they may?

And of all things about the cost of this whole infertility deal, this turns out to be the one that’s fully covered by insurance. Zero cost. (In more incidents of noob-ness, I took out my credit card wondering just how much this was going to hit the wallet.) Thank you, Obamacare?

And honestly, I’m envious of those who actually need this. In my mind, I can’t even fathom that. Like, people actually exist who have to try hard not to get pregnant? Even the ones I know who had no issues actually had to put some effort into timing or at least take a few months.



6 thoughts on “Thank you Obamacare?

  1. Maybe it’s unusual to not take BC, but not unheard of. I also waited till marriage (or pretty close) and I never took BC until our one and only IVF cycle. I never liked the idea of messing with my hormones. And I did not like BC when I was on it. Hey, it’s good you didn’t have to pay for it anyway,


    1. Yeah. I avoided bc for years because my cycle was already so screwed up that I didn’t want to add more hormones to it. In retrospect, it might have actually helped regulate cycles (and therefore ovulation) a bit.


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