It’s the little things

For all my gloom on this blog, I’m not quite spending all my time in a funk. Definitely I have times (sometimes even days) when I’m sad, when I’m bitter, when I’m exhausted. But there are also plenty of times when I’m enjoying life. I got the all-clear for very light exercise so I’m starting light yoga now. And yesterday, I got myself ice cream. And all the chai and coffee that I’m enjoying. Not to mention running yolks. Because why not enjoy the things that I wasn’t allowed. I spent several hours laughing over a hilarious movie my mom and I were watching. So.. life isn’t all bad. And the small moments are the ones that make it, I think.

Speaking of my mom, I feel like I do have to acknowledge how helpful she’s been. She’s known we’ve been going through treatments but I think didn’t really understand how time consuming and draining it all was until she visited. It so happened that she was visiting during this cycle and her trip got extended when we discovered the ectopic. Mostly, I’m just incredibly thankful that she was here and was able to take over so much. I’ve been having good home cooked food each day. I haven’t had to worry about having to run to the ER alone in case something happened (in retrospect, I think the nurses emphasized that a bit too much). And it’s just been nice to be able to share my thoughts, good and bad and all the stuff in between.


3 thoughts on “It’s the little things

  1. I am sorry about your ectopic. It is good that your HCG is down so you can move on. Infertility is hard but we are strong so we always find the silver lining. Glad you are having a better time now.


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