Period from hell update

Man, I am not fond of methotrexate. Turns out that it didn’t do a good enough job for me so I got a second shot. And for the last couple of days, the expected bleeding started and I’ve had period from hell – major cramping, aching, soreness, tiredness and generally, not feeling-good-ness. I really hope this second shot does the trick. Who knows – maybe this means that my embryos are actually strong and bodes well for the future? At any rate, I’m hanging on to that as hope.

Also, in completely TMI news, no one told me that it wasn’t just blood that comes out! (Also apologies for the graphic-ness of the description) Actually, I have no idea what the discharge was but it was emphatically not blood or a clot or anything. And then I flipped out because my first guess was that it was the gestational sac (not that I know what it looks like). Then called the emergency helpline at the clinic and the doctor said it was likely the mucus plug or some tissue (but that’s what I was scared of — that it was tissue!). Anyways, I still don’t know what it was but the doctor seemed to think it was lining that was so old that it got leeched of all its blood and hence was flesh-colored. Literally, this has been a recurring nightmare of mine so that whole ordeal didn’t help.

Sigh, I just want this to be over. At least I’m in a flexible job where I can effectively work from home/not work for a few days without any repercussions.


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