It’s happening!

So.. apparently it worked! I know this sounds weird, given that I’m going treatments but I actually didn’t expect a positive outcome. I think after several years of counting days and trying to time it, only to start my period or not get it because of PCOS issues, I just.. expected it to take a while and see more negative results.

It took a while to confirm – HCG levels were low at first and had to go back every couple of days to get tested to see if they were rising. Last check, they were at 120 which is definitely pregnant! We’re scheduled for an ultrasound soon to make sure everything is ok. And then I get handed off to OB? How exciting – I’ll be a normal person again!

For now we’re cautiously optimistic. It’s obviously still early but this is further than we’ve come before so regardless of what happens, there’s progress.

I have to say, I’m definitely feeling different. I’ve been feeling on and off bloat-y in my lower abdomen (presumably this is my uterus doing..things?). And I’m taking comfort in the weird feelings – it feels like proof that things are progressing and doing ok.

Funnily enough, this is pretty much the worst timing career-wise for me. All these years we’ve figured that when it happens, it happens and we’ll work it out. So.. we’re working it out. I’m finishing up grad school and hopefully starting a new job in a couple of months. But FMLA benefits definitely don’t kick in until you’ve been there a year. And even short term disability kicks in only at 6 months of working so it’s a bit of a race for me to finish and start somewhere early enough. Have I mentioned how stupid this country’s maternity policies are? Isn’t it better for everyone if there’s time to recover from the birth and time for both parents to develop a bond with the baby? And don’t get me started on the ‘mommy-penalty’ in jobs.

For now we’re taking it a day at a time and seeing what happens. *crossing fingers* for ultrasound.


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