IUI #1

I really hope the count on this doesn’t go too high.

In the end, it was a rather simple procedure. It’s not even done by the doctor (which surprised me at the time but in retrospect I suppose it makes sense). It’s not exactly comfy but then neither is a PAP smear. The worst was actually the trigger shot. How do single women manage? The instructions on it were so confusing between mixing and changing needles and positioning. I ended up asking a friend who’s a doctor to give it to me (which was really useful). The best is getting instructions to cut out anything strenuous for the next two weeks (this includes yoga and laundry and walking). Walking’s rather extreme but anything that gets me out of housework, I’m all for! Also, no caffeine. I’m not a coffee or tea drinker but ever since being banned, I’ve been craving them like crazy. So weird.

I’m pretty sure I ovulated – I’ve observed my cycle enough now that I can tell. But I suppose its much to early to tell anything else. Doesn’t mean that I’m not antsy and impatient about it!

I think the waiting in this whole process is the most anxiety inducing. I’m in the process of job hunting as well so that’s just more waiting. Can I fast-forward to.. oh, I don’t know, March maybe?


2 thoughts on “IUI #1

  1. For some reason, IUI was like the more uncomfortable treatment for me because I cramped all day after the procedure. Though I agree the shots aren’t a walk in the park either šŸ™‚ I definitely knew some single women in support group who were freezing their eggs- it takes guts to inject yourself multiple times a day!


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