Still waiting…

I haven’t updated in months. Why? Because there was nothing to update about. The last several months have just been this huge back and forth between my endocrinologist and my RE about the thyroid. My endo is fine with my starting treatments as long as I’m taking synthroid. RE is super particular about TSH levels. And all this was complicated by some really strange results where my TSH levels doubled in two weeks (which I’ve yet to find a convincing explanation for).

Anyways, I finally got the go ahead for treatments (yay!). And wouldn’t you know, thats just when my PCOS kicks in again. I’m now several weeks late but of course before inducing anything, they wanted to run HCG levels. And it was slightly elevated. Not enough to confirm anything but not low enough to rule it out either. So now I’m waiting. Again. (Personally, I think it’s negative. Me being me, I spent the next several days scouring the research on what these HCG levels mean and frankly, it seems to be much too low to be indicative of a pregnancy. Low enough that I don’t even know why they want to retest).

I wish someone would have told me how slow this whole process is. Any of my other friends who’ve gone through infertility seem to have had a relatively easy time – 1 month testing, a couple of cycles of treatment and boom! they’re pregnant. Not to mention my countless friends who just went off birth control and a couple of months later, surprise! But my story has just been.. slow. I’ve been seeing a doctor for more than a year now. And with all that, I have almost no new information at the end of a year (I mean, how many times do I need to get tested for PCOS), and only 1 treated cycle. Anyways, I really do hope that a new year will bring with it new possibilities.


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