I hate waiting..

I finally had my RE appointment. There’s good and bad news. On the plus side, the only issue is the PCOS (other hormones are normal, including sugar; no physical issues). So at least it’s only one bug to troubleshoot (and the computer science nerd in me comes out).

The bad is that the RE won’t start treatments until my TSH levels come down (normal is <4.5 but for fertility purposes, they aim for <2.5 or so). And while mine is normal, it’s significantly above the 2.5 threshold. Ordinarily, this is a simple case of just taking synthroid for a month or two but since I had a weird reaction, off to the (non-reproductive) endocrinologist I go. And of course, there wasn’t any open appointment so we’re waiting (again) to meet the endocrinologist to then have more thyroid tests and then start meds again. I’m a little worried that this is indicative of a more serious issue but common sense tells me to calm down and that it’s probably nothing.

Still, I have to say, I like this RE. He’s pretty aggressive in treatment – at least compared to my obgyn (understandably). The plan: start with clomid+IUI and then if that doesn’t work after a while, go straight to IVF. Since we already know that I have a good reaction to clomid, chances are that I won’t have to go to the stronger meds to induce ovulation. And I guess IUI adds a few percentage points probability to each cycle (I’ll take what I get). Based on the probabilities he was quoting, there seems to be ~60% chance of getting pregnant with first line treatments. Still, it doesn’t really matter what the chances are if you’re on the wrong side of that probability.

Mostly, I’m trying to take a step back and internalize that a few months delay waiting for the thyroid to stability isn’t really a big deal. It screws up my ideal maternity leave plans but honestly, most of the this country functions without good leave so there’s no reason to think I can’t figure out something. I guess, given all the effort I’m putting into making this baby, I’d rather have the time to spend with the baby once he/she is here.


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