Tests and more tests..

I haven’t updated in a while mostly because there hasn’t been a whole lot to update about. July wasn’t a particularly productive cycle – I went in for the entire set of tests that REs dump on you. The list is not for the faint: blood tests for thyroid hormones, sugar, all teh reproductive hormones, STDs, genetics (I think I refused this) and a few others that I probably forgot; ultrasound; sonogram. Not fun at all. The fasting glucose test especially sucks – I almost fainted and had to get myself pushed up in the queue because I really really need my breakfast. I was thinking of updating when I had some results but apparently only the doctor can tell you anything. And that appointment’s only next week.

The thing that’s frustrating me the most at my RE’s clinic is that they’re so busy. I suppose, on one hand, that’s a good sign that they’re good at their jobs. On the other, I could only get an appointment with him a month after my tests. And in the meantime, there goes another cycle. This one is especially frustrating because having a medicated/monitored cycle in August would have been relatively easy – I don’t have to travel for work and my work is relatively flexible (if busy). Now, September is going to be a pain to try and schedule ultrasounds and such around travel. Sigh. I should try to see if they’ll start me on something without an in-person visit.

The only medication that I actually did try was a synthetic thyroid to try and get my TSH levels down a little more (so apparently for the ttc population, normal levels don’t cut it. They have to be really good for the doctors to be happy with it). I lasted 2 weeks before deciding that the resultant trouble swallowing/lump in my throat was not normal. Let’s see what the doctor says at my appointment.



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