A break

The last few weeks have been crazy – a lot of work travel between my husband and myself, all at once. And a little bit of fun travel because, why not? It was definitely an adventure and I got to see beautiful parts of the world and I’ve totally loved it (even as a homebody who hates being away from my own home). Of course, my low-carb diet went out the window – as a vegetarian, the choices in that part of the world are carbs. And some fats. And maybe an occasional glance at a vegetable. I was so relieved to get back to the US and have a nice solid salad!

How does this affect the parts of life relevant to this blog? Well, next on the list is a workup with my (new) RE. As with everything, tests are timed with my cycle. Which has disappeared. Again. I expected that, given the results of my last ultrasound (which didn’t show any growing follicles). So timing might work out after all – I’ll induce as soon as I get home and then go in for testing.

Of all things, I’m proud of the fact that I (still) haven’t taken a pregnancy test. It’s day 40 or so. Mostly, I wanted to prove to myself that I can back off if needed. And that I can think about other things and not go crazy obsessing over fertility. It helps that I had a ton to think about and be busy with – some of my research got some great publicity, so that’s been kinda cool and exciting.


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