Marriage as an achievement

A recent article making its rounds through my network was a HuffPo article about how marriage isn’t an achievement. (“Getting Married Is Not an Accomplishment”). I get their idea – career achievements are just as important (if not more so) than relationship ones and should be celebrated as such. Sure.

What actually drove me nuts was a comment by a friend about how babies aren’t an achievement either. Like hell. And that’s an awfully insensitive comment to make – how do you know what is/isn’t an achievement for someone? When I (finally) get pregnant, it’s a huge achievement for me. Not just a milestone but my triumph over my body. Screw you, PCOS! Screw you, ovaries which don’t ovulate! It’s a culmination of years of hoping and praying and sob-fests and blood draws and invasive procedures. Of course, I’m going to celebrate. And rejoice. With anyone who happens to be in my vicinity. Does that diminish the importance of my career? No. Its just that this is a huge life-changing, longed-for miracle. And I’ll be damned if I’m going to let someone take away the joy of that.



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