No medication -> no ovulation

This cycle was an unmedicated cycle – my doc was concerned about the strong response to Clomid. But I still went in for monitoring to check if I was. Lo and behold, I wasn’t. The leading follicles were 10×5 and 7×7 which aren’t nearly big enough for ovulation (ideally they should be 18×18 or so).

Personally, I’m a little mistrustful of the results. All these monitoring days are computed off a 28 day cycle. With my last cycle at 31 days, it seems likely that this one is also a little longer. Though for the follicles to get big enough, it would need 4-5 days to grow (it seems like they grow 2mm a day?). At any rate, we decided to just monitor BBT, and go in for a blood draw if there is an increase. (BBT is the only method that’s really working for me – in cycles when I know I’ve ovulated, there’s been a really beautiful trend.)

I’ve noticed that with time, I’ve become much more attuned to the way my body functions. Last month, I definitely felt.. heavier during ovulation time. Not sure how else to explain it. This time, I didn’t feel anything in the days leading up to the ultrasound, so I wasn’t particularly surprised at this. But since then, I’ve been starting to feel heavier again. So off of very noisy, very little evidence, I’m still hopeful.

The upshot of all this is I decided I just want to go to a fertility clinic rather than just dealing with my OBGYN. I really like her but, at this stage, I’d much rather prefer more aggressive treatment and monitoring. Also, I think they’d have more data and experience with PCOS. And as a data person, this gives me a huge amount of mental relief. We’re traveling again next month so I have an appointment right after we get back.

Searching for a clinic is yet another exercise. The one I think I’m going with was recommended by my OBGYN (“We like him because he sends us back a lot of pregnant women”). Online reviews seem mixed – it’s a massive practice so there seem to be a lot of baby-making factory comments. So maybe it’s a bit impersonal and businesslike? On the other hand, if it gets me a baby, do I really care? Plus, I don’t think I need hand-holding as much as data, fact-sheets and statistics.

On the plus side, I called my insurance to figure out infertility coverage, and it looks like I’m pretty much covered (though we really need to switch to a lower deductible plan). Thank God! The insurance in this country drives me nuts. No one wants to be sick. I’m not going to the doctor to get a wand shoved up my private parts for fun-zies. Why on earth would I take meds or tests that I don’t need? And despiteĀ  being incredibly well educated, I still barely understand insurance. It took till this year for me to really understand what a deductible was. (I still stand by the name being misleading – when I hear the word, I think of money being deducted from ..someone. I suppose it’s deducted from me? But that’s an awfully awkward way of thinking about it.) Also by covered, they really just mean that I’m not liable for 100% of costs – I think I’ll still owe a substantial chunk.

At the end of all this I’m back to .. waiting. Till we get through the next cycle or two. Have a consult with the fertility place. Run more tests. Figure out a plan of action with them. The timing kinda sucks – by the time I start meds I’ll be back to traveling for work again. And I can see my stress-free, non-career-penalty maternity leave slowing melting away.


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