Day21 Progesterone

Actually, I was wondering whether to post this or not. After all, the internet doesn’t need a blow-by-blow of all my stats. Still, this blog is more for me (and those going through similar situations) than anything else.

Anyways, I had my day 21 progesterone blood work done. This test measures whether or not you ovulated – after ovulation, the progesterone levels in the body steadily rise till they hit a peak at ovulation+7days. A measure > 18 (i think the unit is ng/mL but not sure) is considered conclusive proof of ovulation. And mine was above that! Finally! Of all things, I’m overjoyed, if only that I know that I really truly ovulated.

It’s ridiculous how big of an achievement this seems to me. I guess I’ve been thinking of this whole process as a series of little steps and victories. Did I get my period? Yay! I’m on a functioning cycle. Did I ovulate? Yes! I suppose it’s my way of debugging the process and almost unit testing it.


One thought on “Day21 Progesterone

  1. I will totally read your stats if you post them 😉 I love the idea of this blog and will be following it closely. Happy to hear that you’re ovulating. Keep going! Definitely headed in the right direction. All the luck in the world plus a sprinkling of baby dust 🙂


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