And the journey begins…

Hello, world!

The journey to parenthood is a straight paved path for some. For others, myself included, it’s a curvy path, hidden behind hills and with many bumps along the way. While finding myself rounding the bend on another set of decisions, I decided to start documenting the journey, partly for my own sanity, and partly to provide information to anyone else other there who, like me, is lost and trying to find their way through the process.

A few years ago, I thought but hoped that I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today. I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early 20s – long before I thought of marriage and family. I always knew I wanted kids but it was in the distant future, when I was more ‘settled’ in life. Fast forward several years, past marriage and some degree of settling.. and no baby on the way.

And so I entered the realm of infertility. I never imagined it would be such a confusing process, full of acronyms and stats and lots and lots of peeing on sticks. When I was younger, I always figured that there was a lot of ‘Tab A in Slot B’ and sooner, rather than later, a baby results. Now I know better.

The journey, so far, has been highly educational for me as I learn more about the human body, the marvels of modern medicine and the sheer unpredictability of nature.


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